Bad Bunny Shares Steamy Shirtless Selfie and More Recent Photos

Benito’s most recent posts on Instagram Stories feature a video clip in which an individual, speculated by some to be Kendall Jenner judging by the voice, is seen playfully chasing a squirrel.

The name “Benito” became a viral topic across various social media platforms following Bad Bunny’s release of a series of personal pictures on Sunday, August 27th. The image that generated the most buzz? A selfie of the Puerto Rican sensation, revealing nearly everything.

The photo shows Bad Bunny using a cellphone to partially conceal his face, while his exposed chest, arms, well-defined abs, and even a portion of his lower abdomen are visible. The mirror selfie he posted appears dim and shaded, resembling more of a Benito silhouette. However, fans took it upon themselves to enhance the image’s brightness, revealing intricate details and subsequently sharing the adjusted version.

Bad Bunny’s collection of photos shared on Instagram Stories featured a mix of images, including shirtless workout and baseball-playing shots, as well as snapshots captured during an outdoor excursion. Among the content is a video snippet where an individual, speculated by some to be Kendall Jenner based on the voice, can be seen playfully pursuing a squirrel.

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