Moving ‘Riverdale’ finale wraps up the show after seven seasons

In the poignant finale titled “Farewell to Riverdale,” Archie and the gang reunite for a final day at Riverdale High in the bittersweet episode that aired on Wednesday. The concluding episode, aptly named “Goodbye Riverdale,” portrays Betty, now at the age of 86 and portrayed by Michele Scarabelli, stumbling upon an obituary for Jughead. Emotionally impacted by the news, Betty shares her reminiscences of the gang’s incredible escapades with her granddaughter, Alice. With a heavy heart, Betty realizes that she is the sole surviving member of their once-tight-knit group of friends. Her deepest desire is to revisit Riverdale, if only for a fleeting moment, to rekindle the spirit of her youth.

Falling asleep clutching her high school yearbook, Betty awakens in a reverie where Jughead, now an ethereal presence, appears before her. He offers her the chance to revisit the cherished town of Riverdale one last time, bringing a glimmer of hope and nostalgia to her heart.

Upon her return to Riverdale, Betty gazes out of her window to catch a glimpse of Archie. To her surprise, he is on the brink of embarking on a new journey as part of a construction crew bound for California. Betty’s childhood home holds more heartwarming surprises as she reunites with her mother, Alice, and her sister, Polly. Polly, portrayed by Tiera Skovbye, is expecting a child, a symbol of the generational passage of time. As the day unfolds, Jughead’s angelic presence imparts the revelation that Alice has accomplished her dream of becoming a pilot, a testament to the characters’ growth and evolution.

Betty’s journey through Riverdale continues as she steps into the halls of Riverdale High, her heart brimming with nostalgia. She observes the youthful exuberance that envelops the students and notes, “They’re all so young and radiant, carefree and blissfully unaware. They can’t grasp the significance of this time, how swiftly it slips away like a fleeting moment.”

In a poignant turn of events, Betty encounters Fangs at the school. He signs her yearbook, leaving behind a heartfelt memory. Tragedy strikes as Fangs’ band embarks on a tour, only for their bus to meet with a devastating accident, resulting in his untimely demise.

Mary, having formed a lasting bond with Brooke, stands as a testament to enduring partnerships, weathering the passage of time together until the very end.

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