Photos of a Flooded Dodger Stadium Go Viral in Wake of Hurricane Hilary

Despite being downgraded to a tropical storm, Hurricane Hilary left a trail of destruction as it reached Los Angeles on Sunday. Notably affected was Dodger Stadium, a prominent city landmark, as images of the flooded parking lot and surrounding areas circulated widely on social media. Situated in the Elysian Park neighborhood, atop the Chavez Ravine just north of Downtown Los Angeles, the stadium’s vicinity was submerged in standing water, illustrating the impact of the storm.

In an unforeseen turn of events, Hurricane Hilary directly positioned itself over Dodger Stadium on Sunday night, according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain’s insights shared with the Los Angeles Times. The storm brought an unprecedented 2.3 inches of rainfall, setting a new record. Subsequently, the storm has moved beyond Southern California and has been reclassified as a post-tropical cyclone.

Coinciding with the storm’s impact, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake originated in Ojai on Sunday afternoon, situated approximately 60 miles northwest of Dodger Stadium.

The status of the field and ballpark facilities remains unclear. The Dodgers have yet to release a statement on the situation.

Originally set to conclude its three-game series against the Miami Marlins on Sunday, Los Angeles had the game rescheduled to Saturday due to Hurricane Hilary’s impending impact. Seizing the opportunity, the Dodgers secured victories in both games of the impromptu double-header, triumphing 3-1 in each match and elevating their season record to 76-47.

With the weather disruption, the Dodgers’ next home game won’t occur until August 28, when they face the Arizona Diamondbacks. In the interim, they are slated to embark on consecutive road series against the Cleveland Guardians and the Boston Red Sox.

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