Sandra Bullock’s Longtime Partner Bryan Randall Dead at 57 After Private 3-Year Battle with ALS

Sandra Bullock’s partner of many years, Bryan Randall, passed away over the weekend, as confirmed by his family’s statement to PEOPLE on Monday. He was 57 years old.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the peaceful passing of Bryan Randall on August 5th, following his three-year-long battle with ALS,” his family shared. “Bryan made a conscious decision to keep his fight against ALS private, and we, his caregivers, respected his wishes and supported him throughout.”

“We extend our deep gratitude to the dedicated medical professionals who guided us through this challenging journey, and to the remarkable nurses who became an integral part of our lives, often setting aside their own families for the sake of ours,” his family continued.

“During this time, we kindly request the space and time to mourn and to reconcile with the reality that bidding farewell to Bryan is an insurmountable task,” concluded the statement, signed as “His Devoted Family.”

The romantic journey of Sandra Bullock, 59, and Bryan Randall, a former model turned photographer, can be traced through various key moments. Their paths first crossed in January 2015 when Randall captured special moments at Bullock’s son Louis’s birthday celebration. As time went on, their relationship blossomed and gradually became more publicly acknowledged. In the same year, they even made a joint appearance at Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding, marking a significant step in their journey together.

Sandra Bullock, a mother to Louis, aged 13, and Laila, aged 10, openly discussed the subject of marriage during a December 2021 appearance on Red Table Talk.

“I’ve discovered the love of my life. We’re parents to two beautiful children, and, well, three children if we count [Randall’s] older daughter. It’s an incredible blessing,” Bullock shared during the conversation.

“I’m not advocating for everyone to follow my path, but I firmly believe that true commitment and parenthood go beyond legal documents. I don’t require a certificate to be fully dedicated as a partner and a mother,” she expressed, going on to say, “Being unwaveringly supportive in the toughest times or enduring challenges alongside a good man doesn’t necessitate a piece of paper.”

In the same episode of Red Table Talk, Bullock emphasized that Randall serves as a valuable “role model” for her children.

“He embodies the kind of role model I’d wish for my kids,” noted the renowned actress from Bird Box. “He’s deeply rooted in his Christian faith, and while we may see things differently at times, he consistently demonstrates integrity. Even when we don’t see eye to eye, his conduct remains exemplary.”

“While I can be quite headstrong, I’ve come to recognize the importance of pausing to truly hear him out. Sometimes, despite our differing expressions, our intentions align perfectly,” she reflected during her appearance. “Co-parenting isn’t always easy since I tend to want to shoulder it all myself.”

In memory of Randall, the family is kindly requesting donations to be directed towards the ALS Association and Massachusetts General Hospital, in place of traditional floral tributes.

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