Six people, including four civilians and two firefighters, suffered minor injuries in a crane collapse Wednesday morning in Manhattan.

The incident occurred at a construction site on 10th Avenue and 41st Street, where firefighters responded to a five-alarm fire that broke out before the boom of the crane collapsed,

One of the firefighters had chest pains and was transported to an area hospital, but all injuries are non-life threatening,

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FiThe blaze erupted while the crane operator was lifting about 16 tons of concrete, Pfeifer told reporters

When firefighters arrived, the boom had already crashed to the ground, Pfeifer said. More than 200 fire

The fire has since been put out, according to crews on scene. FDNY officials were using drones late Wednesday morning to get a closer look at the crane.

Officials believe the fire weakened the crane’s cabling “to a point where it loses its strength, and that’s where the collapse occurred